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The Most Important


"What a crybaby."

Nakajima—who leaned on my chest, sunk in my embrace and maybe nearly drown to sleep—suddenly took some space, and gazed upward. In the obscure of the bedpost lamp, I could saw that he was interested. Innocently. “Eh? Why did you—”

“Kisumai Busaiku.” I said, cut his words. He did blink few times; processed my words in his brain, and laughed, leaned comfortably to me again. “Ah, it was...” then his words hung up on the air.

“I don’t understand.” I know my voice sounded so sharp. “I don’t understand why you cried your eyes out there. At all.” I sighed then supported my head with one of my hands; try to made myself comfortable but looked firm at the same time. "I asked my sister to record it so I could watch, and I was surprised when you were suddenly crying.”Fujigaya conveyed his last message to his girlfriend before graduation" didn’t touch me at all. I had been repeated the show so many times until I was getting sick of Fujigaya's face, and I didn’t feel anything. "

"... Just because Fujigaya isn’t here, you may not talk bad things about your senpai, Fuma," Kento laughed—and I was really sure that it followed by happy smile. "By the way, recording Kisumai Busaiku just because there was me there ... Fuma-kun is so cute ~"

"I—I will definitely do it too if it Shori or Matsushima or Marius!"

"Yes, of course you will," I wasn’t sure if Nakajima really believed in my words, especially after one of his hand rose; and pinched my cheek hard until I was groaning and brushed off his hand. This time, Nakajima didn’t laugh or lift his face to look at me, he didn’t even move. "... if I went for a long time, wouldn’t you worried? Wouldn’t you going to miss me? "

"Stupid, it wouldn’t happen."

He was in silent before his voice appeared in a low tone. "If Fuma goes far away and for a long time, I'll be sad, longing for you and worried. I imagined if I was in that position and the words Fujigaya said back then were ... really conveying my feelings."

Ha. This is it. Nakajima and his mind of the life complexity, love, etc. I really didn’t like it when Nakajima started to getting sad, spoiled the atmosphere. I didn’t say it was a bad thing, but—

"What is the point of technology? We are still able to talk face to face, even if you fly to America, Australia or wherever you want! We no longer live in the Stone Age! This is why I dislike it when you were busy with shoujo manga of yours. They fed up bad things to your mind."

And Nakajima burst into laughter; for a long time, so long that somehow I felt embarrassed. He looked like he was laughing at me. "There's nothing funny." I said.

"No, but---" he was still laughing. "Fuma-tan IS really not a romantic one, huh."

"Sorry, Kikuchi-sama dislikes being a love-holic. Sexy Zone only needs one." I said sarcastically.

He backed away from me, still laughing; then a smile replacing his laughter, and he stared at me. The smile that I love, a smile that appeared whenever he stopped worrying about things that were not important, a smile that made me want to smile.

"Thank you, Fuma." He kissed me before I could even blink my eyes. "I cannot imagine if I had a partner who is more melancholy than me."

I answered without thinking. "Yes, both of you would cry every day. Definitely."

Again, Nakajima chuckled, before re-unite our lips; this time was longer and deeper. For me, it isn’t that matter how the future would be waiting for us, what would be waiting for us—

—the more important is how we perceive the problems—

—and how we are now.

I get nothing from this fanfic, only happiness(?)
..... I'm sorry I translated my Indonesian fanfic into broken English instead of making new one. //plok
Tags: fandom: sexy zone, fanfiction, member: kikuchi fuma, member: nakajima kento, pairing: fumaken
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